Make backups of backups

Ok so, a funny thing happened to me this week, well its funny now at least but it wasn’t funny when it happened.

My computer was in need of a cleanup so I decided to format my hard drive and make a fresh, clean start.

Now, I have an external 2TB hard drive for that is automatically creating backups of my files which is a good thing to have no doubt but here is what happened.

I decided that I would first clean out the external backup drive first and make some fresh new backups so that is what I did, well, the cleaning out part anyway. So, I deleted all files on the external hard drive and assumed the everything was backed up again.

So assuming the files were already backed up I formatted my hard drive, installed windows again and such and went I went to restore the files from my back up drive NOTHING.

All templates for all my websites gone, all PSDs all the good stuff, PLUS thousands of dollars worth of graphics and images that I have collected over the years, all gone, wow!

So, I guess I wanted a fresh start and I really got what I wanted lol.

Lesson learned, make backups of backups lol.