Help me I’m drowning!

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man-drowningDo you like to help people? I know I do!

There is a massive amount of opportunity in traffic exchange chats to help people but very few step up to the plate.

When new people join a site they are being drowned with new information and many are overwhelmed and run.

Just today alone at SocialSurf4U there have been 89 new members join and the day is still young. Out of those 89 new members, 11 of them came into chat and were looking for help. Who stepped up to the plate and helped? Now please do not get me wrong, I am not pointing fingers at anyone, I am just trying to help people see the potential and the massive impact they can have on other people if they would help those people.

Sometimes it may just be answering one simple question. Other times you may need to do a little more however, whatever the case, there is massive opportunity for you.

I hear it all the time, how many have referrals and they say they never do anything, well I ask, what have you done to help motivate them? What have you done to help them? Think back when you were completely new to a traffic exchange, you probably had no clue how it all worked. Even more so these days because traffic exchanges now have so many more new features that it can just become too much for many to understand.

This is where you come in. When you help someone it is you they are going to remember months or years down the road when or if they become successful. It is you they are going to think back on a say hey, they helped me when I first started. It is you who’s downline they are going to be in in other programs when they see you promoting them because you have created that relationship with them.

I know I have said this time and time again over the past couple of years but I still have hope that more and more will catch on. Even if one out of a hundred “get it” I’m happy and to me it is all worth it.

There is no greater feeling when you go that extra mile to help someone and you see them grow.