Promote the service first

Over the past couple of years the majority of promotions you see are primarily focused on the money aspect of the program and this can be very misleading and really takes the focus away from the product or service itself.

I remember first when I started the majority of advertisements were always pointed the service itself. For example, if it were a traffic exchange that was being advertised the focus would always be put on the quality of traffic, a method to generate traffic to your sites and basically just to get your sites seen by real people. Somewhere along the line though that has changed and in my strong opinion, for the worse.

In business we should always be moving forward. Sometimes though, mistakes are made, we go off track so we need to take a step back in order to find that correct path to continue forward in the right direction. Because of the wrong turn taken, even payment processors like PayPal have been be limiting some businesses because of, what I believe to be, many are very misleading and presented as a way to make money rather then an advertising service.

A lot of people that join traffic exchanges today have the primary mindset focused towards how do I make money with that program, directly. As I have said many times before, it is true that you can make some money with traffic exchanges directly through their affiliate programs, that is not their primary purpose.  Why do they have this mindset? Well, for the most part, I am sure most come online looking to make money and most are first faced with many get rich quick schemes and whatnot but all in all it comes down to presentation. If the the service is presented as a way to make money then it is definitely not going to do anything for that mindset.

So where am I going with this? Simply put, promote the service and not the money making opportunity. Teach people the correct way to benefit from this business. Teach them how to use the traffic they get from traffic exchanges to work for them, primarily to build their list.

When people are lead in the right direction with the correct information they will see value in the service and they will have no problem buying the service which means the owner makes money needed to grow the business plus the affiliate will end up making money through commissions from these sales, see how that works? It seems we have skipped a step, made a wrong turn somewhere and putting the affiliate side first but what are they going to buy into? Sure some will just grab a lifetime and you get lucky sometimes and make a little commissions  but primarily that is just a cash grab and nothing more. Long term, repeated investments start with knowledge of the service.