Email writing tips

I really do not consider myself to be a professional when it comes to writing emails however, there are some things I do know and it is basically all based on tracking and other information I learned since I launched ListAvail on October 28th 2013.

There are a lot of mistakes made all of the time, even by some veterans but hey nobody is perfect. Anyhow, here are a couple of simple points that will help get you better results.

1) Keep it short:

There are a few reasons for this.  First, chances are nobody is going to read long emails, this includes me. When I open an email and it is very long, I skip it. The majority of people just have too much to do and receive hundreds of emails daily and just do not have time to read it all.

The second reason for keeping it short is the simple fact that the more you write the higher chance you email is going to contain spam or be considered spam by many email service providers.

I have noticed that the emails that get the highest CTR at ListAvail are fairly short, two paragraphs at the most.

2) Don’t write spam:

Lets face it, if you write spam it is going to be treated as spam. I does not matter who sends the email, spam is spam no matter which way you look at it. There is only so much a mailer can do to ensure emails get delivered, when push comes to shove, to keep your emails out of the spam folders, simply don’t write spamming emails.

I have personally analyzed almost ever email header that was sent back from email service providers which usually states why the email bounced as well as a link to the policy that was “broken”.  Sometimes it is as simple as using spammy subjects and messages like the use of excessive characters (this seems to be a big one in the industry).  Example: ********** You got to see this **********

While you may be thinking this is going to get someones attention, the fact is it don’t because the majority of the time it never reaches the person inbox in the first place. This not only applies to the subject but also the message as well.

There are hundreds of words and phrases that you should avoid when writing emails and a simple Google search will help you out with that.

Bottom line, results not only depends on the mailer you are using, it HIGHLY depends on the type of emails you write.

3) Be different:

Avoid sending the exact same email all the time. A lot send the exact same email with the exact same subject all the time, everyoday, seven days a week. Change it up a little. Results do typically plummet after awhile when you do this.

Also, avoid using email swipes if at all possible. Write your own unique emails.

4) Email Variables

Be sure you have these correct when you write your emails. Here are some examples: [name] [first_name] ~name. They are used to be replaced with the members name.

Every mailer is different and do not necessarily use the same variables. There’s nothing worse then opening an email and the first thing you see is Hi [name]!

5) Learn

Learn from some of the best the industry has to offer. There are a lot of good ones out there like Darren Olander, Jerry Iannucci, just to name a couple. As I said above, nobody is perfect BUT these guys are good at what they do to say the least.

You are never too old to learn and if you want to be successful you have to learn and become a professional at what you do. Very few these days take the time to read anything, this I have proven time and time again. It is really sad to see this honestly.

Then there is “Google University”. These days there is really no excuse for not knowing something. Some time searching and comparing results in Google will get you the information you need.

6) Format

Check the format of your email. For example, don’t write everything in one big paragraph. This makes it nearly impossible to read.

Use the full width of the text editor when writing html emails. Example:

“This is my
email message
is sucks”

“This is my email message it is awesome!”

Make good use of html. Be creative with simple HTML like bold, italics, color, background color for example, makes for very eye pleasing emails BUT don’t ever do it! Keep it simple!

7) Preview

Last but definitely not least, preview your emails before sending.  I can not stress this enough. Don’t just assume that it is fine and click send. Take a minute to preview your email before you send it out.