SocialSurf4U Team Awards

Today begins an awesome day at SocialSurf4U with an amazing update to our surf teams.

First of all, teams now have “Levels” and “Experience“. You earn experience now by surfing and as your team earns experience, it levels up. There is no max level to obtain, its like the energizer bunny, it keeps going and going and going.

So what’s the big deal about that?

Well, the purpose of gaining levels is to unlock special team awards.

For example, you can unlock special awards that increase the member cap for your team.

Teams, by default, have a member cap of 10. But has you level up you can increase that member cap. For example: At level 5 your team may unlock a member cap increases the member cap by +1. This can be unlocked multiple times at different levels increase your team member cap each time. By leveling up it could be possible to have a team member cap of 20, just an example of course.

Another example is the points multiplier which allows your whole to earn a percentage more of points.

Example: Lets say you earn 100 points for promoting on a preferred site and you unlock a points multiplier of 10%. Every one on your team will now earn 110 points for promoting on that preferred site.  Then lets say you unlock another  points multiplier when your team levels up again. Your whole team will now have a points multiplier of 20% which means your whole team would now earn 120 points. This multiplier gives the bonus to every method you earn points.

This of course, is just a start to the team awards and more awards are still to come!

If you are a member of SocialSurf4U and are in a team, be sure to visit your team page often to see if your team has unlocked any new rewards.

Not a member of SocialSurf4U yet? Be sure to check us out! We award cash and free advertising to members of the winning teams every week!