It is easy to point the finger

No matter what you do it is always very easy to point the finger and place blame on someone else for your failures.

It is the easy way out.

Who is at fault really? Simple, your choices, YOU.

The choices you make determines where you end up in life, it determines your success. If you make the choice to only show up and work whenever you feel like it,  chances are you are going to fail and what you do. If you choose to to run around chasing pennies rather than learning how to build a business than chances are that is what you will be doing 10 years from now, still chasing pennies. It is an endless circle.

Everybody is faced with different obstacles, everybody needs money now but no matter the starting point, you need to learn and work for it to get to the finish line.

Working online is no different than offline. You need to show up everyday if you want success. You need to work harder than the person next to you because even if you think of them as a friend, they are still your competition.

Take advice from those that have had success and stop following people just because they are your friends and you like them. If the blind lead the blind, both will fall into the ditch.

Take control of your life! You CAN do it!