Enough is enough

Not too long ago I stumbled across a chat mod that was stolen.

How do I know it was stolen? Because I am the original programmer of that chat mod.

A few years back I gave a friend of mine permission to sell this chat mod Eric Goettman is his name. He is the only one besides myself that could sell this mod. So the problem is NOT with Eric just to be clear.

Now, I was doing some work for a fellow TE owner when I noticed they had a chat mod that looked really familiar so I decided to take a look. Guess what I discovered? The chat was mine and I did not sell it to this person and neither did Eric. Now just so I am clear, the looks is not how I knew it was mine, it was the code. All the code, css, html and php was all my original work.

I did some more searching and found quite a few more TEs that this person had sold the chat mod to.

Now, just so there is no misunderstanding. I no way blame the owners that bought this mod without knowing however, the problem is,  there are some people that are still supporting this guy and still buying his stuff knowing he stole this.

I am not too easily angered however, this sort of thing really ticks me off. This sort of thing is going on all the time in this industry and its ridiculous. It is one thing to copy someone HOWEVER, to flat out steal someones work is just plain wrong and to support people that do this is just as bad.

This guy told me he would refund those who he sold it to however, he hasn’t. I could have demanded the sales from this mod however, I didn’t. All I requested was that he refund those he sold it to and stop selling it.

He is still selling this mod and people are still buying it. He has claimed he has rewritten it but he hasn’t. 90% of the code is still mine because I have checked.

If you are one of those that are supporting this guy knowing what he has done, you can expect no support from me in any way.

It is getting to the point where I have no choice to get the law involved because this is part of my livelihood here.

Enough is enough.