Time for a change

On November 2nd I made a post on my Facebook page for my membership sites that I was cleaning up a lot of sites that were being advertised.  For the most part, these sites fall into the “get rich quick” scheme category. You can list quite a few of other schemes and gimmicks that have plagued the industry over the past few years and in my opinion they need to go. For a long time, many owners, including myself, have pretty much just ignored these sites and left it up to the viewer to decide whether or not the site they view is legit. While it is always the individuals decision whether or not they join or invest in any site, what we allow to be advertised says a lot about the advertising platform in general.

Some niches are a no brainier like porn a gambling. For the most part, no owner, including myself allows these types of sites. For me personally, I have a zero tolerance policy for such content. With that being said, why is okay to have sites advertised that we know are scams? Its not. I know some are disguised very well and even to someone who has been around the industry for awhile they can appear to be legit at first and slip through the cracks. One example as of late would be ‘monsoon’, you know the one I am talking about. You see many are confused and get sucked in just because they get paid. This seems to be the norm for the majority and is the only thing most look at, “do they pay, if they do they are legit”. That is the general mindset but you must understand that just because you get paid, that does NOT mean that the site is legal. By allowing these type of sites and we are saying they are okay and potentially putting ourselves in the same category that they are in.

With that being said, I am still in the process of cleaning up sites that are being advertised at all my sites. This of course, is no easy task with hundreds, thousands even, of sites in my database, it takes time. What other owners do of course is up to them although I know some have already followed suit and have started to do the same in attempts to provide higher quality advertisements for members to view.

The was basically step one. The next step or phase two I guess we can call it is incentives. I have talked about this time and time again and have brushed on this subject in my Te Insider E-Book in regards to “chasing pennies”. I am definitely not pointing fingers here because I am just as guilty as the next one when it comes to feeding to this bad habit. Nevertheless, this is a terrible mindset to get in. Back when I first started using manual traffic exchanges, there were no pennies, cash prizes? what? You better believe it. I know that may be difficult to swallow for new people that came in recent years but that is a fact. We were lucky to even get any sort of prize at all, that includes free credits, banners or texts. When we surfed a TE, we surfed to earn traffic which is what its all about. Please don’t misunderstand me here, I am not cutting our giving free credits banners or texts, that is not the problem at all. As a website owner or an affiliate, what choice do we have to advertise online? 1) We buy advertising or 2) We use services like TEs or mailers to earn free advertising with an option to buy low cost advertising. This is what we really need to step and consider once again. Sometimes to move forward, we need to take a step back.

Nobody likes change and making such changes does have its consequences however, in the long run, which we all should always focus on, I believe it will have some amazing benefits. There have been some tough times as of late and I don’t believe they are all over yet. This can be a good thing though as it can help “weed out” those that are not so serious about their business and get rid of some of those that just thought they could get rich quick.

All in all, it truly is time for a change.