Struggling with hosting?

Liquid Web Fully Managed Web HostingOne of the biggest challenges I faced when I first started online some ten plus years ago was finding a reliable hosting company.

The web is flooded with different hosting companies and each have their own pros and cons and for a very long time I hopped around from host to host only to run into problem after problem.


On January 4, 2013 that all changed as I was introduced to a web host call LiquidWeb.

In all my years online I have never recommended any other hosting company to anyone, until now. You see, I really don’t like recommending something unless I know for sure it is of high quality and when it comes to hosting, LiquidWeb is the highest of quality.

There is a very old saying that is uses for many things and it goes like this, “You get what you pay for“. This is so true and especially true when it comes to hosting. If you pay for $2 a month hosting then that is what you get, cheap $2 a month hosting but don’t you think your customers deserve a whole lot more? No doubt! If nobody is visiting and using your site then sure, you can probably get away with $2 a month hosting but hopefully that is not the case and you have a ton of traffic. In this case you need something reliable, something that can handle the load, something long term.

This is an area where you need to think long term and investing in a high quality host is crucial. Poor hosting can cost you customers and the long term effects on this should be obvious for anyone in business online. In addition to that, having to move to a new host can be challenging sometimes especially if you do not have the knowledge to perform these tasks.

While most will not need to go all in for a dedicated server, I strongly believe that getting the minimum of a VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a must.  A VPS gives you plenty of power for the majority of websites and at cost that will not break the bank.

One thing you will love with LiquidWeb is the ease of upgrading your server should the need arise. With the simple click of a button from your management interface you can easily resize your server to pre-defined sizes to give you that extra power when you need it. Creating a new server is just as easy and your server is ready for using in a very short time.

Now here is the BIGGEST pro, their support. This is the biggest issue I always ran into when dealing with other hosting companies, their support did not have the knowledge and understanding when contacting them with issues. LiquidWeb’s support surpasses all others, hands down. In the three years I have been with LiquidWeb I have open my share of support tickets with various issues and not once did I run into a person on their support team that did not know what I was talking about. Whether it was changes I needed made to my server that I did not know how to do or just and issue itself where things were not just performing as it should. They were always had knowledge and understanding of the situation and were always able to take care of it promptly. To me, this is along is worth the money.

I work in an industry where high volume traffic is common. Traffic exchanges, for example, have demand that is very unique and require some high quality servers to be able to efficiently handle the high volume traffic, that is of course, if the traffic exchange is popular at all. Any decent traffic exchange will not get by on shared hosting, it just not possible.

This does not mean that I only recommend this to traffic exchange owners, I recommend this to any website owner. I can not stress enough how important it is to have reliable hosting, it is the backbone of your business.

Many will recommend hosting to you and yet they have never even used it for themselves. I have been using LiquidWeb and only LiquidWeb for several years now for all my sites and I have several servers with them. My recommendation comes from personal experience as a customer and as a professional web developer. Rest assured, they are superior.

If you are someone that is struggling with hosting then let the struggling stop right now. If you are someone that is just starting out and are looking for a quality, reliable hosting company then stop searching.

The solution is LiquidWeb.

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