SocialSurf4U updates and more!

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socialsurf4u-logoOver this Easter weekend I help a contest at SocialSurf4U. It was a really simple contest, all you had to do was surf and claim tickets. You got a ticket for every fifty sites you viewed. The more tickets you had of course, the better you chance to win a prize.

I figured I would post the winners here as well and also a link to their SocialSurf4U profile. Just click on the username to visit their profile.

The fun didn’t stop there though. I also just added a couple of more features, not something new this time however, it is something rewarding that many know of, it’s surfing rewards. There are seven different prize levels and the prizes of course, increase with each level with the last level having a chance to win cash.

Secondly, I added credit links to emails. Very simple, with each newsletter email I send out there will now be a credit link in it that will award both credits and activity points. Just another way of rewarding my members for being active.

Up and coming! On May the first we are having a very special contest, a contest that I have never done before, it is called Benji Bash. During the Benji Bash there will be four winners of $25 cash each!  There will be four traffic exchanges that will be taking part, the first, SocialSurf4U, Traffic Splash, Internet Traffic 24/7 and none other than Tezak traffic Power. I am looking forward to this promotion, it should be a good one.