Surfing traffic exchanges is and should be all about respect.

Think about,  manual traffic exchanges are built on a very simple concept, “you view my site and I view yours”.  As a traffic exchange surfer, this is your agreement with the other advertisers when you use this service. It is basically a unwritten rule, I guess you can call it.

Its not a race to view sites. You don’t need to surf crazy amounts of pages everyday and use various types of software that claim to speed up your surfing. You don’t need to tab surf a dozen sites at once. For me, personally, I am against any type software that promotes “speedy surfing”.

Some complain a lot about results and while there may be many reasons why a user may not get the results they are looking for or think they should get, this is definitely one reason that will affect results.

Of course some will argue that the advertisement is going to get the person attention no matter what they are doing, this is not always the case. Sure boring advertisements are not going to help you at all when it comes to results, nevertheless, we must consider the agreement.

I don’t surf traffic exchanges much because I buy my advertising and earn some free advertising from referrals however, from time to time I do stop by some of my favorites for a look around and surf a few pages.  When I do surf I guarantee you I actually look at the advertisements and give them a chance.

Don’t get me wrong here, I am not saying you got to join everything that comes up and stop and look at every advertisement for several minutes however, the unwritten rule says you give them a chance at least. Actually view the advertisement, if it don’t grab your attention they click away.

Respect, this is what it all comes down to.

Do you want people to view your advertisements? Of course you do, it’s common sense. If you don’t show the advertisers the respect and view their advertisements why would you expect them to view yours, think about it.

Give the advertiser the same respect you want.

Back to the basics.