Make the most of your day

Do you make the most of every day? Unfortunately most do not and if you are like I was a couple of years back you probably waste more time anything.

How much time is wasted every day playing Facebook games? Now there is nothing wrong with a game every now and then but how much time is actually wasted on them? I think most would be shocked if they really took note on how much time each day is spent on things like that.

Sometimes its like we are fooling ourselves into thinking we are working just because we are online but how much of what we do can actually be considered work? How much of what we do can be considered productive?

I believe that it is important that we sit down and evaluate ourselves in order to see where exactly we are wasting our time. Eliminate the things that are not doing us any good and come of with a daily schedule that is productive and will help us move forward.

Make the most of your day because every day you waste there will be someone else that will one up you, I guarantee it!


One thought on “Make the most of your day

  1. HI Barry, You make a good point about non-productive time. I actually schedule my non-productive time at the end of the day when my mind is beginning to lag and a little downline is needed. The beginning of your days is the most productive time. So I schedule my day according to that leaving repetitive task that don’t take a lot of brain power to the end of the day. And I know I have that little down time reward coming up just before I head off to bed.


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