Custom mailer, List Impact built by yours truly

Join So most of you all know by now about the new custom mailer that launched a few days ago called List Impact.

I mentioned this new mailer in my last blog post and although I am a few days late writing this blog post, I am still really excited about this mailer.

First of all, it was custom built by me for Kenny and Sammy Kolijn. Yes indeed, someone actually went all in and made an investment in their business and had a custom script built for themselves, still shocked a little myself lol. I did have a lot of fun building this site for them. I dealt one Kenny for the most part and he is really easy to work with which made it all that more fun to build.

Kenny and Sammy are already pretty well know and have been making a good name for themselves with Fast List Mailer and List Unlocked however, this time around they decided to take it a step future and go completely custom! For that of course, they hired yours truly to do the programming. It all started with a completely blank php and evolved into what you see now.

Kenny and Sammy have done an outstanding job with their other sites and I expect even more now with List Impact. They not only provide grade A service, they are also owners that work really hard promoting their own sites, they just don’t depend on their affiliates which is how it should be done.

If you have not joined this mailer yet, please do. If you are one of those that will say, “I am already a member of too many mailers” well, dump some of them and replace it with this one, you won’t regret it.