Why so many PTC users don’t get referrals

Many people, primarily those that come from paid to clicks (PTCs), seem to have a lot of trouble obtaining referrals.

There are several reasons they have trouble and some may be obvious but there is one that I actually find very odd.

The number one reason why a lot of these PTC users have trouble getting referrals is that, they don’t even use their affiliate link. Wow! No matter how many times I see this, and I see it EVERY day, I am always shocked.

First of all, every affiliate program has their own affiliate link that is unique to each affiliates account.

I will use Clixsense as an example. When you first login to Clixsense, directly below your account details you will see another block of information called “My Affiliate Details”. The first thing listed there is: “My Affiliate Link”. It will look something like http://www.clixsense.com/? with a bunch of numbers at the end. for example, mine is http://www.clixsense.com/?3753265. This is your unique affiliate link. When you promote your affiliate link on other sites, it is that affiliate link which tells Clixsense who exactly is promoting thus it tells Clixsense who the referral will go to if they happen join Clixsense.

As I previously stated, every affiliate program has their own unique affiliate url that is unique to each persons account so it is extremely important that you use your affiliate link when promoting these sites otherwise you are just promoting them for nothing and it would be impossible for you to get a referral.

Another common occurrence ties in to what I just said but happens when they promote Clixsense using a banner advertisement. A banner advertisement has two parts,

1) The banner image url: This of course is the image that people see and

2) The Target URL: This is where people will go when they click the banner image.

Where they go wrong here is that they use the same url, the banner image url for the target url as well. This means that when someone clicks the banner image they just go to, well, the banner image. Once again, no way of Clixsense knowing who the affiliate is. When promoting your affiliate program using banners you must first ensure the banner image url is the full url to the banner image, typically a gif or jpeg. Secondly and most importantly, ensure the target url is your affiliate link for the site you are promoting.

I was going to get into some more reason as to why they have so much trouble getting referrals but I will leave that for another post.

This is the main cause and I know it must seem silly to some but not everyone is on the same level so it is crucial for those that do know to teach.

So, you’re looking to grow your online business? Maybe you are just starting out and wondering what to do? Here’s a freebie idea for you. Start mentoring these new people that come into the traffic exchanges. Teach them the RIGHT way.

There is just so much opportunity here it is a shame to see it go to waste. It’s not just an opportunity for one person here either. The playing field here is huge with plenty of room for many to make a business out of it.