The value of custom programming

Website development is not cheap but we all need it. Like any type of job, not everybody is capable of doing it and it is one job that definitely should be left to the professionals.

One thing about this though is that many do not understand the value of custom programming.

Custom programming goes a little beyond your standard mods. For example, lets say a programmer develops a mod for a traffic exchange, that mod can be sold over and over again, pretty much an endless stream of income for that one mod. Also, that mod may not be early as sophisticated as it would be if it were a custom job.

Custom programming is not like that though. Lets say you hire a programmer to add some sort of custom feature to your website. That programmer, first of all, has to take the time to code it, time is money of course.  In addition to that, once they get paid, that’s it, they no longer get any more money from that work they did. If it takes a programmer a week to do that custom work then obviously, they need a weeks pay.

In addition to that, custom adds more value because of the fact that the work is custom to your site and nobody else has it. Of course there is always the risk of another programmer copying the custom work, unfortunately that is not something anyone can really control.

How much is your business worth to you? This I believe what it comes down to most times. If you are not prepared to invest some money into your business for programming and design, you probably should not be in business. Programming and design should be very high on your budget list and should always have a healthy supply of funds available in this area.

There is a very old saying ” You get what you pay for”.