The Hullabaloo is back!

A few days ago I finished the updates for the Hullabaloo event over at one of my websites,

For those that do not know exactly what the “Hullabaloo” is, it is a surfing event whereby you find two game pieces, one at each of the target traffic exchanges. The first target traffic exchange is always my TE, accompanied by a guest exchange.

The updates were long overdue but there were some delays in coding the whole thing plus I wanted to ensure that everything was functioning perfectly before reopening it.

Besides the overall rewrite of the event there also came some changes to it as well.

First, prizes are now awarded at TEHQ rather than awarding the prizes at the traffic exchanges that were taking part. This was mainly done so that traffic exchange owners that wanted to take part in the event but didn’t want to upload the required file to their servers now could take part.

Another update made it possible to win multiple prizes, instantly. Before you could just win one prize when you completed the event but now, you can complete the event multiple times and win multiple prizes. Every time you complete the Hullabaloo you will win a guaranteed prize PLUS the chance to win a cash prize.

Every one that takes part in the Hullabaloo is a winner!

This is just the tip of the iceberg for TEHQ. I have many more things planned for the site, some of which are completely new to the industry. Of course, figuring out exactly how to code them is always the first stumbling block.