Why the hoops? Just pay it.

Okay, so, there is always a lot of talk about site owners not paying members for numerous reasons.

Some create these crazy hoops that people have to jump through just to get paid. Simply put, its ridiculous.

For me personally, I always pay commissions to affiliates every Friday. Members do not need to ask for their money. They simply need to have their Paypal email on file and have earned at least $10  which is not much to earn and the industry standard really.

With that, I always hear this buzz around mass pay. Now I know what mass pay is and I  have coded it for website owners in the past however, I don’t get what the big deal is if an owner don’t use it. In fact, some can’t use it. Like here in Canada, we can not use PayPal Mass Pay to send money.

Here is what I see when I go to mass pay


When I contacted PayPal, (have done several times) they tell me, basically, that every Country has it owns “laws” and Canadian law does not allow use of mass pay. I don’t understand why but what are you going to do? lol. Anyhow, for me its no longer big deal and I got over it long ago lol. although I do hope it does become available, would still save some time, no doubt.

All PayPal mass pay is,  is simply sending money to multiple recipients at once, that’s it. Without the ability to mass pay you have to go in and send money to each individual affiliate at a time,  which is what I have to do. A paid in the butt but hey, its worth it!

“Mass Payments lets you send multiple payments in one batch. It’s a fast and convenient way to send commissions, rebates, rewards, and general payments.”

While this feature is without a doubt convenient, not having it should not have any affect on paying affiliates. Like I said, I pay every week and have been doing so for the past three years or so without missing a payment ever and members never need to ask for their money.

If no time is the excuse well try doing all I do in one day. I do all my own programming, some design and I manage all my own sites myself. I stay social, do my normal Fatherly duties, and Ministry duties. On top of all that I still do programming for people other than myself.

Make time for your affiliates, they deserve it.

Along with that there are some other pretty crazy things like forcing members to have credits assigned to sites and having to have set number of sites in rotation in order to get paid. Come on now, that’s just crazy talk.

Tony Tezak and myself were talking a little on this today in Skype and I agree with him when he said, that owners that make all these crazy hoops just don’t want to pay.

I guess that’s what it all really comes down to, no intention of paying.

Just pay it.

Do you know of any other crazy hoops owners force upon their affiliates before they can get paid?