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All my sites were built from the ground up by me. (With the exception of my blog of course, it is WordPress.)


Is a online advertising platform. Online since 2011 and was developed for webmasters and affiliates as a solution for both free and low cost advertising.

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Is a safelist, which provides website owners and affiliates the ability to send email advertisements to our quality mailing list.

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From this site I offer web programmer services. I also sell both LFMTE and LFMVM mods. If you are in need of my services, this is a good place to start.

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My Blog

This is my personal blog. I talk about all sorts of things like website development, online advertising and what I am up to in life.

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Another safelist of mine but with a little twist. We only use an onsite email inbox. I also sell solo emails from this site as well.

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Customer Support

If you need to contact me simply open a support ticket. I personally respond to all support tickets.

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