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My name is Barry Langdon, I am web developer from Newfoundland, Canada. I am a Christian, married and I have two kids. I have 10 PLUS years experience in website development.

My Services

I specialize in the development of membership based sites and back-end development. I can build just about any type of site that you may need and all my builds are responsive which is crucial in today's mobile friendly world.

I have been very blessed with the ability to program in multiple languages including PHP, HTML, CSS and Javascript. Because of this, I am basically your one stop shop for website development. Maybe you are looking for a simple, personal site for yourself? Maybe you are looking to build a site to sell your products on? Whatever the case I am here to help!

Its not an easy task starting up a new website. Aside from the development of the site itself there comes the task of choosing a good website host and even a domain registrar. To help with this task I provide free consulting to help get you on the right track.

Contact me for more information or a quote. If you need a quote please be as descriptive as possbile about your project when contacting me.

My Websites

I have a couple of websites that I developed and run myself. If you are curious about what I can do, let my work speak for itself, check out my websites below!

SocialSurf4U.com Screen Shot

This is an online advertising platform that I developed myself in 2011. It was developed for webmasters and affiliates as a solution for both free and low cost advertising. It currently has over 33,000 members.

ListAvail.com Screen Shot

This is an email advertising service that I developed in 2013. It provides website owners and affiliates the ability to send email advertisements to a quality mailing list. It currently has over 14,000 members.

Other Notable Works

In addition to my own websites I have developed numerous mods and addons for countless businesses. I have really gotten away from that sort of work and primarily focus on complete, custom builds.

Some of them are: ListImpact, TeHeadquarters, Camadia, ListMailerPlus, ElephantsHeadrvPark

Payment Options

Primarily I offer secure payments through PayPal or by Credit Card over a secure SSL connection. Depending on your location, other payment options could be made available upon request.