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My new blog!

Welcome to my brand new blog!

As with most of my work, the design is built on Bootstrap.

The script running the blog is a custom one I built myself. I like things simple and easy to use and I was just really getting tired of the old blog scripts so I decided to develop one myself.

My blog is still a work in progress but as is right now, it is functional.

The possibilities are really endless! That is one of the great things about being a developer.

As of right now, one missing feature is the ability to comment on articles. This is something I will be adding in the future.

SEO? Some aspects may not be SEO'd but in all honesty, I could not care too much about that part of it. Who do you write for, search engines or people?

Anyhow, I won't get into that much right now, that is a whole article in itself.

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