All mods on this page are for the LFMTE script.

How to order mods?
Browse the mods below to see which ones you want. Once you have decided, contact me with the list of mods you want. I will then contact you with the method of payment. When contacting please remember to include the domain you wish the mods to be installed on.

Each mod is licensed for 1 domain only. If you wish to have a mod installed on multiple domains you need to purchase the mod for each domain.

All mods come with free, professional installation.

All mods come with a 30 day warranty. Any problems with any mods will be fixed free of charge providing they have not been altered in any way.

Available Mods:

  • Login/Register with Facebook - $127
    Requires you to setup an App from the Facebook developers area. Creating Apps is free and instructions are provided.
  • Pic-A-Block - $97
    See it in action at SocialSurf4U.com
  • Mystery Chest - $37
    A simple yet effective and fun game for your TE. Members surf to find keys. They then in turn use the keys they find to try and unlock the mystery chest. Unlocking the chest awards them with a random prize defined by the admin.
  • Surf-n-Chat - $97
    This is very similar to the one I use at SocialSurf4U.com. It is also on numerous other TEs and is the most widely used chat script in the industry.
  • Raffle - $67
    Members surf to earn raffle tickets. Tickets earn them entries into the raffle. Number of winners and prizes are decided by the admin. Raffle can be setup to award members daily or once per week.